Noli Mi Tangere

27 04 2010

Who says “Ako Mismo!”, yet you are not doing something? How do you see our country 5 or 10 years from now? Do you think it will get better? Or it will just continue to get worse? A lot of people, people from every sector of our community, have their own fair share of opinions regarding the present situation of our country. Some of them once said, “The change will come, only if the government will change.” Another one also said, “There is still hope for this country.” But think about this, will our country be changed if all of us think that we are better than one another? Will our country be changed if all of us think that we are ‘Untouchables’? Will our country be changed if all of us keep pulling one another down, thinking that we are better than them? I don’t think so.

We are bothered by the situation of our country now –Political crisis, Economic crisis, Problems on Health, Education, Population Growth, Massacres, name it all! – Yet we are not doing something about it. We are all too busy blaming our government. We are disappointed of the things that they could have done and things that they could have not done. We are accusing them of greediness and selfishness which we, ourselves, have those within us too. We just don’t recognize it because we all have this “Touch Me Not” attitude. If we could all remember the friars in the novel of Jose Rizal, Noli Mi Tangere, we can see how the friars carry this kind of attitude. They always think that they are righteous, they are clean, and they are too good to be blamed for a certain mistake. Well, the truth now is that most of us have this kind of attitude. We are always self-righteous and we only see the mistakes and lapses of others. Tell me honestly, have you ever thought that you are one of the reasons why our country became like this? If not, maybe you’re still busy carrying this “Touch Me Not” attitude because the truth is, we all are the ones who are to be blamed.

How can we develop change in our country if we can’t start changing ourselves? How can we expect a better Philippines if we will keep on pulling one another down? How can we expect a better future if we can’t let go of our “Touch Me Not” from our past? Well, we can do something about this. Believe me. If we could just understand the bottom line of this problem then we could provide solution for this. And that solution is found within us all. We all can do something about this no matter who you are. This country doesn’t need “Cha-Cha” (Charter-Change of the government) but “Cha-Cha” (Character-Change of all the people). Let us all do something about this. Our country cannot afford to wait one more year for it to be changed. NOW is the right time to start changing this nation. Let us all have that passion and love for our country. This is for our own good too. Let us encourage each and everyone to do something for our country. Let us all help one another build the “Ark” of our country to save it from the “flood” it is experiencing today. Let us stop criticizing and pulling one another down. That wouldn’t help our country. It will just make the situation worse. Instead of expecting change in our government and in all of the things involved, why not, Be the change? Think about it!




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