Change: An inevitable part of life.

28 04 2010

Ride of Life


It is a fact that people do change just to escape their problems, but not enough to solve it. Sometimes it’s hard to accept truth because it will cause you pain. Well, pain is just normal in our lives, and it is indeed a part of it. It’s only up to us on how to deal with it. We can’t have a perfect life that is free from pain and sufferings. We need it. We grow when we suffer and we learn when we commit mistakes. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. Even your most treasured treasure can be lost, even the people you love the most. But don’t take it seriously because sometimes you can gain them by losing them.. you just have to be patient. It’s hard, but you have to. When you have already decided to wait, the next thing you have to do is to move on. Moving on is not as easy as you think, it takes time. But don’t act stupid, like you will waste all your time thinking, feeling depressed, and telling yourself that it’s the end. Damn! Don’t be an idiot. you should better wake up and pay attention. You better find yourself before its too late. I know it’s not that easy. But it’s a part of it and all we have to do is to realize that nothing is constant, and change is inevitable. Everything can change. Life is a CRAZY RIDE, you must always buckle up and fasten your seatbelts so that you will not fall whenever it takes you to somewhere you never wanted to go.




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29 09 2010

nice..(: i like it..

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