Yes, we can!

28 04 2010


Being young teenagers, we have in our hands to choose what we would want in the future. For now, we may be only dreaming, but later as we become more mature, we may live our dreams (or nightmares). Choosing and deciding are not always easy for us teenagers, especially in terms of committing ourselves to someone or having a relationship. It’ll take a lot of courage to take risks in these situations. Because of course, we are all afraid of getting hurt and we are afraid that we might make the wrong decision. That’s why, we teenagers are often perceived as indecisive. Most of the time, we don’t know what to think and we don’t know what we really want. Choices and options are found everywhere, we just don’t recognize it.

To love and be loved is one of life’s most precious yet also most complicated moments. Most precious because by these times we can feel comfort, security, happiness, excitement, intimacy and of course love. It is also complicated because by these times we can also experience pain, frustration, insecurity, and even desperation at a time when we are most vulnerable, and that of course is when we are in love. Most of us are asking that, why is it that we need to get hurt or experience pain during our teenage years, specifically during when we are in love? Well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Frustrations and difficulties are all part of our lives and we need them. We need them for us to grow or become more mature, and for us to change so that we can be stronger and become a better person. Let us not let ourselves think about something, and find ourselves still thinking about it until the end. We should be willing to take risks in our lives more often than none. It is really possible for us to have what we want if we would try to get them. What I mean is, we should really do something to get what we want because it will not just be given to us. WE NEED TO TAKE THEM! Because if we don’t do something, we might lose what we should have had or we might lose what we already have.

The best thought that I can give you regarding this choices and risk-taking thing is this thing I have in my mind and it’s actually about love. Well for me, we can actually love someone and just be happy about it, even if we don’t know that it will last forever. It’s not about having someone; it’s not about owning a relationship, but it’s about being happy because you know you have LOVED someone. There’s a purpose and meaning behind all these events, and this purpose and meaning develops you as a person and as a lover. Whatever relationship we have in our life right now, they are precisely the one we need at this moment. And if it happened that they would stay with you for the rest of your life, well maybe it’s really meant for you. =)




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